Friday, November 14, 2008

Winter Workouts

Bleh, winter is rapidly approaching and after taking some much needed rest I guess it will be time to start training again.

As a reminder, we have our awesome Monday night runs in Federal Hill, 6:30pm at Fed Hill Fitness. Tuesday Night Track is discontinued until Spring, but we do have a small group of dudes that meets on Wednesdays at Canton Square at 6pm for a 7-10 mile run at or under 6:45 pace usually. Some people have been meeting for long runs as well on the weekends already, but we'll get bigger groups in a few weeks when the marathon season is totally over.

Riding - Saturdays through the winter the TriSpeed ride is always a good option but if the weather's bad they'll ride inside. On Thursdays, the ride I do in the summer up in Owings Mills moves indoors, of course driving up there just to ride inside isn't really worth it.

I noticed a cool little widget on the Georgetown Running Company's blog ( that is a calendar for races - I think it would be cool to have a calendar with people's weekly training schedule plans so that others can check it out (assuming you don't mind having others around) . Winter training is all about accountability, so the more you can do with others the more likely you'll get out there and do it!

Over on our blog ( we have some running races that we plan on going to, including the Miami Half Marathon in January, and USATF XC Nationals in February. Another February favorite is Club Challenge 10 miler in Columbia, where all the local clubs compete against one another for bragging rights. If anyone is interested in doing that one just let me know.



Matt said...

Anyone know of any good online training logs for triathlon? All the online logs I've seen seemed to be real focused on running....

RM said...

Matt - what kind of stuff are you looking for? I use and while it's a running site, it's pretty decent. I'm blanking on the one that I have heard of for triathlon, but if you go to a forum like slowtwitch you could probably get some good ideas.

Or I'm sure you've googled "online triathlon training logs". Maybe one was