Friday, October 24, 2008

Thursday Swims

We were discussing last night the possibility of ditching the "bike" portion of our Thursday night workouts in favor of a longer swim.

What's everyone's opinion of this subject? Personally I feel a ~90 minute swim to be more beneficial than 60 min - let's face it, sometimes our warm-up lasts close to 30 minutes by itself. Masters swim goes 90 minutes, why shouldn't we?

We could also alternate each week between a 90-minute swim and a 60 min Swim/60 min bike.

Pros & Cons I could think of:

- Longer swims mean better quality swim sets
- More flexibility in terms of time - we won't be cutting sets short so we can run up to the spinning room

- Will miss out on spinning session
- Could be intimidating for newer swimmers to join our group
- Type-A people might try to push through the set longer than they should and get injured


Monday, October 13, 2008

Attention Elite Runners!

From Friday's Baltimore Business Journal:

Think you're an elite runner?

Under Armour, Inc. will be the judge of that.

The Baltimore sportswear apparel company is looking for "running leaders" to be a part of its upcoming marketing campaign touting the release of its new footwear line on Jan. 31.

"By running leaders, we mean elite runners, but also runners who are pace group leaders, very active members of a running club, or runners who race a lot," the company writes on its Web page where striders interested in joining "Team UA Run" can apply.

The selected participants will be asked to wear the company's shoes geared toward runners and promote the release of the footwear line. Runners have until Dec. 12 to apply.

More info about what to expect can be found HERE.