Friday, October 24, 2008

Thursday Swims

We were discussing last night the possibility of ditching the "bike" portion of our Thursday night workouts in favor of a longer swim.

What's everyone's opinion of this subject? Personally I feel a ~90 minute swim to be more beneficial than 60 min - let's face it, sometimes our warm-up lasts close to 30 minutes by itself. Masters swim goes 90 minutes, why shouldn't we?

We could also alternate each week between a 90-minute swim and a 60 min Swim/60 min bike.

Pros & Cons I could think of:

- Longer swims mean better quality swim sets
- More flexibility in terms of time - we won't be cutting sets short so we can run up to the spinning room

- Will miss out on spinning session
- Could be intimidating for newer swimmers to join our group
- Type-A people might try to push through the set longer than they should and get injured



RM said...

Cut the spin out and swim longer!

But don't listen to me, I don't swim on Thursdays with you (although I was contemplating doing so in the winter since I don't have my group ride).

Alan said...

I'm fine either way