Monday, June 16, 2008

monday june 16

Nice turn out a the pool this AM. I don't know that we had anyone in race action over the weekend but if you did race and I don't know about it please let me know so I can throw the details up here....

This morning's W/O as follows:
200 ez swim
200 alt 50m cu/50m swim
400 pull

10 x 100 - steady pace. Alt swim/pull. 10 sec max rest

6 x 50 as 25m 3 stroke drill/25m build pace

Sprint pyramid: 25 - 50 - 75 - 100 - 75 - 50 - 25 w/5sec rest btw

100m real ez

Total = 2550m

We want to be able to get in another open water session this week or next. Please weigh in here on your preference.................I will let you all know the game plan prior to Thursday this week.


Monday, June 9, 2008

Heat was the name of the game.....

Well if you raced this weekend anywhere on the East coast you deserve a big slap on the back - either that or a big ice-cold smoothy! What better way to get accustomed to the oppressive heat than to go out and red-line it in a race.
Matt and Alan were in NH for the Mooseman Olympic and Half Ironman races on Saturday and Sunday respectively. Both had technical issues on the bike but sucked it up and finished the race with respectable runs.
Ryan started out with a solid swim and first half of the bike at Eagleman before cramps and the heat took their toll. Being the tough bastard he is he dug his toes in and struggled through the last portion of the bike and the entire half marathon. I am sure he did a lot of talking to himself out there......big props to Ryan for pushing on through and finishing!
Al and Becky were also in action at the Eagleman with Becky finishing 5th in her age group (18th overall); and Al 3rd in his age group (22nd overall). Real nice effort both of you!
Andy was in action up in PA at the Pinchot tri - I have not yet seen results for this one but will update you all as soon as I hear.
The Bay swim was another hard fought affair with Canton local OJ Keller taking out 3rd place ahead of my good mate Rob Jones from Charlottesville.....coincidentally the top four were the exact same as last year! They haven't posted results for this earlier but I think Thomas went somewhere in the vicinity of 2hr40min........I am sure it was sans wetsuit too!
Again - congrats to all who busted arse and raced in these conditions!

Today - not surprisingly - was rather light on the participant front, in fact Ayesha was the only one to turn up.....this gave me the opportunity to bust out the old speedos and have a swim. Here is the workout we did:

3 X 100 swim
100 pull
100 catch up

10 x 100 - build pace w/10 sec rest
100 IM ez
6 x 50 as 25kick/25 build pace

200 IM ez

Total: 2500M

See you all Thursday........

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Mooseman report

Alan and I went to NH this weekend to race the Mooseman triathlon. I did the Olympic and Alan the Half-Ironman. It did not go as smoothly as I expected...I guess all this was bound to happen at my first race!

Here's a short rundown of the race:

The swim was delayed an hour because of fog on the lake. The race director eventually shortened the course to about 1000M because of safety. I did pretty well, however I did go off course at the second turnaround! I went about 100 yards off to the side before I realized what was going on. But I pointed myself in the right direction and finished.
Time: 17:59 - 1:48/100M

The bike is where things went wrong. Apparently I did not tighten the bolt for my seat post enough, as it went all the way down about a mile in. Having the seat so low made it really hard to get leverage on the pedals - I tried to get out of the saddle on the hills, but I still lost a lot of position on everyone. I really wish I could go back and tighten that bolt!
Time: 1:27:39 - 18.7 MPH

Having a bad race up to this point, I was determined to make something of it. Laced up my flats and put out a solid pace on the out-and-back course. Passed a lot of people that passed me on the bike.
Time: 39:56 - 6:26/mi

Learned a lot yesterday and hopefully things will go more smoothly next time...
Overall: 2:32:12

- Matt

Friday, June 6, 2008

Good Luck

Alright - it seems we have a few people that I missed who will be racing this weekend:
Al will be racing the Aquavelo race at the Eagleman along with Becky and Ryan who is doing the half.
Andy is racing the Pinchot tri up in Lewisburg, PA.
Matt and Alan are headed to Mooseman in NH.
Thomas is doing the Bay Swim.
Good luck, have fun and watch your hydration and electrolytes - it is going to be hot!

For those that couldn't make it last night her is the session:
300 swim
300 pull
300 3-5-7 per 50m

6 x 150 as: 50 kick(no board), 50 catch-up, 50 swim-steady. 10 sec rest btw

8 x 50 as 25 drill/25 sprint - w/15sec rest

200 ez

Total: 2400m

Monday, June 2, 2008

Weekend Races

Congrats to Joshi on completing not only his first half ironman but also his first ever triathlon! What an achievement given that Thursday's Gunpowder w/o was his first open water swim session! He is hooked and is looking to get in another couple of half ironman races before the season is done!

I am not sure if anyone else was in action over the weekend - apologies if I missed you. Feel free to post your results/report on here though.....

The coming weekend looks to be a busy one with Alan and Matt headed to New Hampshire to throw down in the Moose-man half ironman and Olympic distance respectively.
Becky and Ryan are set to compete at Eagleman in the Aquacycle and half ironman respectively.
Thomas is doing the Bay 4.4mi swim..........he just decided that it would probably be a good idea to rent a wetsuit - mad man!
Let me know if you are racing and what race you are doing so everyone can weigh in with their messages of support (and jest!)

We had a nice morning at the pool this morning - the "cold" water turned out to be the perfect temp to smash out a good AM session - here is the work out for those going later:

200 swim ez
300 pull
400 - alt 100 drill/100 swim

1000 build to race pace. *start out easy, focusing on form and build to a nice quick/clean race pace

300 - breathe 3-5-7 per 50m

200m real ez

Total: 2400m

We are set to be back at the pool this Thursday. Apologies for any confusion last week.....
I am open to suggestions if you are not keen on cycling inside.