Monday, June 2, 2008

Weekend Races

Congrats to Joshi on completing not only his first half ironman but also his first ever triathlon! What an achievement given that Thursday's Gunpowder w/o was his first open water swim session! He is hooked and is looking to get in another couple of half ironman races before the season is done!

I am not sure if anyone else was in action over the weekend - apologies if I missed you. Feel free to post your results/report on here though.....

The coming weekend looks to be a busy one with Alan and Matt headed to New Hampshire to throw down in the Moose-man half ironman and Olympic distance respectively.
Becky and Ryan are set to compete at Eagleman in the Aquacycle and half ironman respectively.
Thomas is doing the Bay 4.4mi swim..........he just decided that it would probably be a good idea to rent a wetsuit - mad man!
Let me know if you are racing and what race you are doing so everyone can weigh in with their messages of support (and jest!)

We had a nice morning at the pool this morning - the "cold" water turned out to be the perfect temp to smash out a good AM session - here is the work out for those going later:

200 swim ez
300 pull
400 - alt 100 drill/100 swim

1000 build to race pace. *start out easy, focusing on form and build to a nice quick/clean race pace

300 - breathe 3-5-7 per 50m

200m real ez

Total: 2400m

We are set to be back at the pool this Thursday. Apologies for any confusion last week.....
I am open to suggestions if you are not keen on cycling inside.




alexis said...


And a heart GOOD LUCK to everyone racing this weekend.
Alan and Matt: I expect some good pics from Mooseman!!

RM said...

Yeah guys, hit this weekend hard. It's gonna be HOT, mind your hydration and SALT levels too. As we approach summer, hope to see some of you at Fed Hill Runners on Mondays (fun club time) and Tuesday Night Track workouts at Gilman. We're going to start doing some hill workouts and tempo runs, nothing better to get in great running shape, so just holler.

Also, for those around and interested, all of us Baltimore running dorks are going to go out to Bay Cafe on Sunday afternoon/evening to celebrate Survivor Harbor 7/Bay Swim/Eagleman successes - feel free to come on down!