Monday, June 9, 2008

Heat was the name of the game.....

Well if you raced this weekend anywhere on the East coast you deserve a big slap on the back - either that or a big ice-cold smoothy! What better way to get accustomed to the oppressive heat than to go out and red-line it in a race.
Matt and Alan were in NH for the Mooseman Olympic and Half Ironman races on Saturday and Sunday respectively. Both had technical issues on the bike but sucked it up and finished the race with respectable runs.
Ryan started out with a solid swim and first half of the bike at Eagleman before cramps and the heat took their toll. Being the tough bastard he is he dug his toes in and struggled through the last portion of the bike and the entire half marathon. I am sure he did a lot of talking to himself out there......big props to Ryan for pushing on through and finishing!
Al and Becky were also in action at the Eagleman with Becky finishing 5th in her age group (18th overall); and Al 3rd in his age group (22nd overall). Real nice effort both of you!
Andy was in action up in PA at the Pinchot tri - I have not yet seen results for this one but will update you all as soon as I hear.
The Bay swim was another hard fought affair with Canton local OJ Keller taking out 3rd place ahead of my good mate Rob Jones from Charlottesville.....coincidentally the top four were the exact same as last year! They haven't posted results for this earlier but I think Thomas went somewhere in the vicinity of 2hr40min........I am sure it was sans wetsuit too!
Again - congrats to all who busted arse and raced in these conditions!

Today - not surprisingly - was rather light on the participant front, in fact Ayesha was the only one to turn up.....this gave me the opportunity to bust out the old speedos and have a swim. Here is the workout we did:

3 X 100 swim
100 pull
100 catch up

10 x 100 - build pace w/10 sec rest
100 IM ez
6 x 50 as 25kick/25 build pace

200 IM ez

Total: 2500M

See you all Thursday........


RM said...

The race on Sunday was without a doubt the worst experience of my life. I learned many, many lessons. It was all a matter of poor execution of nutritional strategy. I did not take my salt pills with me on the bike, and was only able to keep down water while riding. I was going well until Mile 47, when my quad seized up. Got off the bike, waited it out, then soft pedaled to the finish.

Once I was on the run I felt okay, for about a half a mile. Then the whole body stopped functioning. Being the idiot I am, I walked - the whole thing. I was just praying I would see a familiar face that would pull me from the race. I'm not proud of being that dumb, I was severely dehydrated and the blisters from sun poisoning are so painful I haven't been able to sleep in two days.

Good thing is that since I didn't run the race, I should recover pretty quick and I'm thinking about jumping into the Rhode Island half Ironman next month.

Rebecca said...

Hey all,
I agree, heat WAS the name of the game this past weekend! I must give a big shout-out to Coach Dean for his swim tips and reminders about popping your head out of the water every few strokes so as not to loose your way. Being my first ever race, I was quite frazzled in the start and it took a good 400m before I got my stride. I was breathless leaving the water but still kept my stride for all 56 miles of the bike. My hubby Jason caught up to me on the bike and we paced each other for a bit, but unfortunately the heat got to him, and before I knew it he was no longer right behind me...
Interesting note: he and I accidentally switched timing chips before the race, so the time and place you might have seen on Eagle Man Aqua Velo was actually my husband's. My swim took me 41:20 and bike was 3hrs 08 minutes. Just look under Jason Chamberlain and you'll see. Of course Jason finds this very funny is happy to keep my stats as his own:) I should be out for next Monday's swim!

Rebecca said...

One more note- I emailed Bob Doyle (of another city-based tri group) about the timing of his weekend workouts. Hopefully something could work out to link the two groups for some practice tris or open water swims.