Sunday, June 8, 2008

Mooseman report

Alan and I went to NH this weekend to race the Mooseman triathlon. I did the Olympic and Alan the Half-Ironman. It did not go as smoothly as I expected...I guess all this was bound to happen at my first race!

Here's a short rundown of the race:

The swim was delayed an hour because of fog on the lake. The race director eventually shortened the course to about 1000M because of safety. I did pretty well, however I did go off course at the second turnaround! I went about 100 yards off to the side before I realized what was going on. But I pointed myself in the right direction and finished.
Time: 17:59 - 1:48/100M

The bike is where things went wrong. Apparently I did not tighten the bolt for my seat post enough, as it went all the way down about a mile in. Having the seat so low made it really hard to get leverage on the pedals - I tried to get out of the saddle on the hills, but I still lost a lot of position on everyone. I really wish I could go back and tighten that bolt!
Time: 1:27:39 - 18.7 MPH

Having a bad race up to this point, I was determined to make something of it. Laced up my flats and put out a solid pace on the out-and-back course. Passed a lot of people that passed me on the bike.
Time: 39:56 - 6:26/mi

Learned a lot yesterday and hopefully things will go more smoothly next time...
Overall: 2:32:12

- Matt


djagusch said...

Awesome first time attempt mate! Technical issues like the seat have a huge impact on your overall race so props for giving the run everything you had left!
Now you have a benchmark - just watch that time erode through the next few races you do!!

MC said...

Heck of a run!
Do you recognize the guy on the right in this picture?

MC said...

I had thought my friend in that picture helped you out. Turns out someone else had the exact same problem.