Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Thursday - on your own for 2 weeks now!

I am going to posts tonight's workout for you to use in the event I don't make it back into town. My flight out of Chicago was canceled yesterday and I am supposed to be making it back this afternoon........hopefully.

I hate to not be there tonight. As you are aware it is my last session with you for the next 2 weeks as Em and I are going to NZ. I will post workouts on here for you over that period. Hopefully you will feel compelled to organize and work together to get these sessions done! Feel free to grab the dry erase board and write the programs up. The guards will make sure you have the 2-lane pool space that is allocated. You are also free to get together and bang out some cycling sessions up stairs on Thursday nights also.

Thursday Feb 7 swim session:

300 swim
300 as 50 drill/50 swim
300 pull

4 x 200 - as: 100 steady-50 fast-50 steady
10 sec max rest

8 x 75 - as: 25 kick (no board)
25 catch up 10 sec max rest btw 75s
25 swim

4 x 100 - descend times. Focus on controlling pace. 30 sec rest btw

100 ez

Thursday Feb 7 bike session:

10 min ez spin w/ at least 100 rpm

3 x 3min seated climb - adjust resistance up at 1 min intervals
1 min spin in btw

3 min spin at 100 rpm

5min focused Time Trial - steady consistent pace
1 min recovery
6min focused Time Trial - steay consistent pace
1 min recovery
7min focused Time trial - steady consistent pace

3 min spin at 100 rpm

30 sec burst - all out hard!
30 sec ez spin
30 sec burst - all out hard!
30 sec ez spin
30 sec burst - all out hard!
30 sec ez spin

10 min ez spin warm down.

Have fun!


alexis said...

Who's in for tonight's workout?

(I'm going to stop by... I'll swim if it isn't packed but otherwise, I'm gonna do the swim Friday morning.)

See you at 6pm either way!

I'm also off for 2 weeks after tonight... headed to beautiful Hawaii!!

Emily said...

I'll be there as well!

Emily said...

(though Hawaii not until August)

Matt said...

I'll be there, but can't make the bike tonight...

alexis said...

Sorry I missed you, Em! I ended up doing the swim Thursday night with everyone, and did the bike on Friday morning (lots of packing to do!).

Have a great time in NZ!!