Saturday, July 12, 2008

Racing update

A quick preliminary report......
Matt and Joshi raced in Perryville this morning at the "Diamond in the Rough" tri. Sounds like it was perfect conditions.
Joshi went 2hr 58min and is already hungry to improve on that impressive result!
Matt banged out another solid performance in 2hr 34min - certainly a good 5mins faster than his last race in NH given the longer/truer distances!
Congrats boys - gotta love those Saturday races...........a few well earned cold ones must be on the cards tonight.

Ayesha is set to race the IronGirl Philly race tomorrow. Good luck to her on that one! I will update tomorrow once she is done.

Not sure if anyone else is mixing it up this weekend - be sure to drop me a line or post your report on here..........

If all else fails there ought to be some pretty interesting racing in the TdF with 2 Cat 1 climbs tomorrow and then the toughest day thus far with a couple of HC beasts - Col du Tourmalet and Hautacam on Monday.


alexis said...

Hey All,

Yep, I'm still alive!

I did the Philly Women's Tri this morning and was so happy to see a friendly face in my transition area... Ayesha! It was definitely a relief to have a friend around for my first tri.

I have to admit, my fitness has gone waaaay down since I scooted up to NJ for the summer. I was pretty disappointed with my performance overall but am happy for a good baseline from which to grow for future tri's.

After a so-so effort on the short swim, I got on my bike (fresh from the bike shop) to notice that my seat was about 2.5 inches too high! I had to stop after an uncomfortable first 4 miles to find someone with an allen wrench to help drop it down a bit (and I should've done more since it was still too high, but it was much much better!). So the bike was a big disappointment.

My final time was 1:51:86 (ugh... better next time!). That's what I get for doing this race last-minute!

Thanks, Dean. I miss you guys!

alexis said...

Ayesha: my email address is
(I couldn't find that old post where you gave me your email address.)

RM said...

Ayesha killed it at Philly, really great job. It's also great to hear how she is not at all satisfied with the effort and is hungry for the next one.

Just wanted to post this race website real quick, Dean's done it before as have I, really great Olympic distance race on September 6 out in Lancaster. Everything can be done race morning, 1hr45min drive from Baltimore. Beautifully challenging course, great event.