Monday, August 4, 2008

'09 Columbia Triathlon

They just opened this race up for next year. Apparently it will sell out in days. So if you're interested, I guess you should sign up for this now! Can anyone tell me what the huge appeal of this race is?


Alan said...

Already registered!! I think the attraction is that it is one of the oldest and few local races. I didn't register in time in 07, but I did it this year and I had a great time.

Matt said...

Ok I'm registered too now...with the Boston Marathon the month before, it's going to be a fun Spring...

RM said...

Matt, I've got plans to do Boston, Columbia, Eagleman and probably Rhode Island half IM again. Am even thinking about the California half IM or St. Croix's as well. You gotta do the races before you can't anymore!

Anyway I need to register for Columbia soon. When I first did it in 2001, I registered in January for the May race. Each year became earlier and earlier. The hype is what sells it out so quick, also this sell-out sport that we do just breeds it, but the good news is the HYPE IS REAL.

Most competitive race you can do in the area, and one of the most challenging courses. There really is nothing like seeing that place get going in May. Makes me anxious just thinking about it.

I hear it's crazy expensive this year, which sucks, but it's better than doing another expensive race somewhere you've got to travel to!