Monday, August 18, 2008

City Tri on Facebook?

Hey all,

So Ayesha, Ryan and I were chatting a few days ago about Ryan possibly making a Facebook group for those of us who go to the tri workouts and put together our own workouts from time to time. 
Anyone who has thoughts or ideas for a group name, add them into the comments!


alexis said...

Some of the names we threw around chatting the other day:

Canton Sports Club
Baltimore Athletic Club
Canton Triathlon
Baltimore City Sports Club

(we need some creativity here, so add some!)

Matt said...

If I'm reading this right, you want to come up with an official name for our team/club? (Besides "City Tri B'More")

If so, I think we should have the "place" we're from as Canton, not Baltimore, in order to differentiate the name from another club - Baltimore Area Triathlon Club. Nothing against them, but I think it would eliminate confusion.

Plus are we a team or a club? I think "Team" might sound better...

Ayesha said...

So I think that Ryan maybe wanted to integrate all of his groups (not sure how many he has) so maybe a name like
Baltimore City Endurance Athletes
or Baltimore/Canton/Baltimore City Triathlon and Running Club

We could also use some variation of club, group, training group in the name to make sure it is different than the BATC

RM said...

The "clubs"/"teams" that we currently have going on are Fed Hill Runners and of course Falls Road/Team That's What She Said (

I like the Athletic Club sound, as I was talking to Ayesha and Alexis about it and it's kind of encompassing of what we do. When I was at Maryland we went by Maryland Multisport Club, since a lot of people didn't do just tri's but rather road races and duathlons and stuff.

I like using Charm City but wouldn't want to be confused with Charm City Run.

I also like City Tri Bmore, it's to the point. We could also use the direction "Southeast Baltimore" or something.

Finally I have always wanted to get us sponsored by Natty Boh or something, and thought a Natty Boh Tri Club would be a good name. What are the thoughts here?

Once we figure out the name I'll make the FB group, and I'm looking into a legitimate website, something akin to MidMaryland Tri Club or DC Tri Club, although I don't know much about web design.

djagusch said...

What a GREAT idea...i think this will enable/encourage active discussion and a greater all-encompassing group feel to the team. You guys have done an awesome job in reaching out and contacting other team members, especially as my time has become less and less available.

I think, by creating the group, it will lead to more of a self-supporting snowball effect. It would be cool to really create THE hub of endurance sport for those hardy souls that call Bmore City home..........and the demographic is only increasing.....

I say get this thing jammed out, link it to the blog for work out posts etc and see where it goes!

Not to play biased here or anything but I like the "city" thing.....kind of throws that grit and "in the face of adversity" angle to it.......

And why stop at Canton? - I truly believe that the city neighborhoods - all inclusive - would welcome an anchor type group. Then it sort of makes the whole BATC thing a none issue right??

City Endurance Baltimore
City Multisport Baltimore
City Tri Baltimore

Alan said...

How about Thursday is Margarita night club?

Matt said...

Maybe we could just call the Thursday Swim-Cycle Session "Thursday is Margarita Night"

Alan said...

now that is an excellent idea Matt!!

EmilyJ said...

I think we should keep the name short or come up with an acronym so it isn't too much of a mouthful? Anyone have any clever acronyms?

Matt said...

We should make a decision soon if we're going to get this idea off the ground...we can discuss tonight at TiMN.

OR maybe we can have a poll on the right side of the blog so we can decide this democratically...