Thursday, August 21, 2008

City Tri Baltimore?

Oh SNAP, I can finally post...

Dean makes some excellent points, keeping "City" or "Baltimore" in the name makes it a little more gangster.

I'll get to work on the Facebook group after the Olympics are complete, so it gives us a few days to finalize a name. City Tri Baltimore or Baltimore Multisport seem reasonable.

I encourage you to attend our running workouts during the week. Primarily we just have the two that are more organized, and then there are a few other loosely organized ones. Mondays at Fed Hill, where we have at least 30 people each week, lots of different paces and it's an easy/social run. Tuesdays we meet at Gilman High School for a track workout. Ayesha and Matt have been coming for a while now and the dividends are paying off.

It's also nice to meet some other people who do the sport, it can be pretty individualized a lot of the time.

And finally, if anyone has an interest, Saturday evening a bunch of us will be gathering at my house (3903 Fleet St) to watch the men's Olympic marathon at 7:30. At 9:45 we will leave the house on our bikes and have our bike bar crawl. We'll stop at various bars and weave our way down to Locust Point and then go home. Last time we did it, it was unbelievable.

~ Ryan

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Ayesha said...

OK how about Baltimore City Multisport Athletes or athletic club,
I still like using endurance athelete too. Baltimore City Endurance Athletes Club/Group.

I am all about calling the Thurs night swim/ride class Thurs Margarita Drinking Group or whatever, even though I never go out drinking then...maybe we will have to change that.