Monday, March 17, 2008

03/17/08 - Monday morning session

Hope everyone had a good weekend - Saturday was a real nice sign of things to come weather-wise!

Quick reminder: Those whose punch cards have expired, please be sure to stop by the front desk and pick a new one up - Cheers.

Here is this AM's workout for those who opted for the sheets rather than the water:

Monday 3/17/08 - Swim:
150 swim
150 pull
150 3-5-7 per 50
150 swim
150 pull
150 3-5-7 per 50

6 x 100 as 50 catch-up/50 swim
10 sec rest in btw
8 x 100 - Descending 1 thru 4 and 5 thru 8
10 sec rest in btw

100 real ez DPS

6 x 25 all out sprint

100 ez

Total: 2650M


alexis said...

So what's the 9am Saturday morning group ride at Trispeed? Is this new or something they're already doing?

I can't do this weekend but maybe one of the upcoming ones!

djagusch said...

It is a group ride that has been going for a number of years. They are unaffiliated with us but are welcoming to all comers!
I think you would enjoy it.