Friday, March 14, 2008

3000M - now we are talking

Good effort in the water last night - i know everyone was pooped - that is a good thing! We cracked 3000m for the first time this season so we are definitely making some nice gains.

Remember to post your plans up on here if you are looking for some accompaniment.
Also - for anyone interested, the Falls Road running group has an event at Slante in fells Point tomorrow at 8am - I am not entirely sure what is involved but it is some sort of pub to pub run with a pint of Guinness to finish up with back at Slante.......... contact Ryan McGrath at for more info.......

For those who missed it the swim session was as follows:

Thus Swim:
200 swim
200 pull
150 kick
300 as 3-5-7 breathing per 50m


2 X 200 catchup
10 sec rest
200 DPS
10 sec rest
200 build pace
10 sec rest
200 steady effort

8 X 50 as 25 DPS/25 sprint (all out!)
30 sec rest

150m real ez loosen

Total: 3000M

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