Monday, March 3, 2008


Thanks to Joshi, Stephanie, Matt, Jason and Alan for all making the rise from bed worthwhile this AM. For those who continued to log the zzzzz below is a recap of this morning's workout:

**We were all excited by the daylight streaming into the pool as we finished up this AM - just another sign that longer days(and hopefully spring weather) are just around the corner. Remember DST starts this coming weekend. Could be a great time to chat with your team mates and start arranging evening rides and runs..............let me know if you need any ideas, contact details for others etc........

See you all on Thursday!

200 ez swim
4 x 100 as 50 drill/50 swim - 10sec btw
200 ez pull

6 x 150 breathing 3 - 5 - 7 per 50m
**Alt btw swim and pull per 150 w/15 sec rest

4 x 150 as: 50 kick(no board)/50 DPS(feel good)/50 Tempo
10 sec rest btw 150s

200 IM ez loosen

Total = 2500m


alexis said...

Hey all,

I'm looking for a place to get a tune-up on my road bike. Do you guys have any suggestions?

- alexis
PS: Yep, i slept in and missed the AM workout. I always stay up way too late when Jordan is away for work. I'm a slacker. boo.

Alan said...

I take mine to Race Pace in Columbia, but Tri-Speed in Timonium is good

Alan said...

I told some of you about a really good Tri Boot Camp in Central PA. There are 2 different weekends based on skill level and goals. The first one is the end of March for Newbies and the next one is the 1st weekend in April for those planning on doing Half or Full Iron Distance.

Here is the link: