Monday, May 19, 2008


Well i think those of you that did Columbia yesterday did a little more than blow out some cobwebs! Some solid performances all around that everyone pumped out:
Alan smashed a full 2mins off his previous swim time - not too shabby mate - well on target for that fast approaching half ironman.
Ayesha blew 6 mins off her previous Columbia 1500m swim time to take 2nd in the mixed teams relay - shows what a few solid weeks of race specific training can do!
Congrats to McGrath for annihilating his previous course best by 8mins - he will be banging on the door of the elites if he keeps this up.
Nice job Ken on throwing down and attacking your first ever tri - let alone your first ever open water swim!
Saw Jason had a fantastic race - nice start to the season - hopefully the work front will be a little more settled and he can get some training time in with us soon!
Maya stepped out in her first triathlon also and pumped out a solid performance to finish with a strong run - I bet an ironman attempt is not too far off?!
I thought Jes was racing also but couldn't find her listed......

If anyone feels like a workout in the water later - the pool is open at Canton and apparently warmer in the water than out(I froze standing on the side...). the w/o is on the board but here it is just in case:
400 ez
200 pull
400 alt 50drill/50swim

6 x 100 - descend 1-3; 4-6 with 10sec rest
3 x 200 - build pace w/10sec rest
6 x 100 - race pace w/10sec rest

200m ez

Total: 3000m

**As mentioned, I won't be there Thursday - I will post a workout and you can figure on having the person with the nicest writing put it on the board.


alexis said...

All I can say is WOW!!!!!!

I can't believe it... you guys all did unbelievably well. I truly hope you're proud of yourselves - looks like a great start to the season.

Ayesha - seriously, 6 MINUTES off your swim from last year?!?!? Jeeeez! Way to go!

Alan - well done!! I know the season is only getting better for you!

GREAT JOB EVERYONE! I'll be in Ocean City, NJ working a new job through the summer, but hope to keep up with our group along the way. Also hope to join the group WHENEVER possible!! I'll miss you guys, so keep in touch!

Ayesha said...

Alexis, When are you heading to NJ? Let me know if you want to get a few swims in before you go! And Dean was a bit off, it was about 4 minutes not 6 minutes, I was def happy with it though.

alexis said...

hey Ayesha! Unfortunately, I started work yesterday in NJ, so I'm already out of town. I'm so bummed I missed out on open water swimming with you!! I feel like I'm already so put of shape bc I'm not in a routine yet and have missed a few swims.
My email address is, if u ever need it!!
Congrats again on a full 4- minute reduction!! Crazy good!!