Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Gunpowder - Open Water

OK - We are all set for tomorrow evening. Em and Ayesha swam out there last night and have given it the thumbs up.......wetsuits are apparently advised but not essential.....

Lets plan on starting at 6.15pm. We will swim as a group and look to get in approx 45mins in the water. Then approx 30mins on the bike finishing with a 30min run. We will work through it all as a group until everyone is comfortable. We will go as quickly or as slowly through everything as you want. This is your perfect opportunity to ask and have answered all those questions regarding open water swimming, ins and outs, transitions, bike set up and overall race strategy. We will accommodate everyone!

If you want to bang out a continuous effort I will have a couple of "course" maps roughed up so you can head off on your own.

For those of you that have not been up to Hammerman before the google-earth co-ords are: 39°21'53.58"N, 76°20'25.11"W - we will stage from the northeastern most parking lot and swim south passing 6 piers to a turn around point that is approx 750m down stream. I figure we can utilize the loop road for bike and run efforts........

Directions: Hammerman -- From I-95 take exit 67A for Route 43 east (White Marsh Boulevard). Follow 43 to route 40 east. Turn right at the first light onto Ebenezer Road and follow it for 4.5 miles. The park entrance will be on your left.

I don't recall the park entry fee but it is minimal and you will likely have to pay it.

My phone number is 410-440-8410. Be sure to call me with any questions etc.

See you tomorrow!


alexis said...

Extreeeemely bummed I can't make it. Family obligations in Philly tomorrow then in Buffalo all weekend.

GO FLYERS (friday)!!!

(Dean, should I just repeat one of the old swim workouts?)

djagusch said...

Here, try this one:
WU -
200 swim
300 pull
200 kick

450 - breathe 3-57 per 50 - steady pace

10 x 100 on 1.45 - just make them

500 pull - strong with paddles

4 x 100 on 1.40 - do it to make them all by 2 or 3 secs

200 ez
(Total - 3250)