Monday, May 5, 2008

Monday May 5

Nice morning at the pool is was just as nice to sleep in also!!

Here is the session the hardy 3 committed team members got in:
Pyramid - 50-100-150-200-150-100-50 all ez swim

3 x 300 at 100m pace + 5sec (so if you swim 1.40 then you would do this on the 5.15 (3 x 1.45))

450 stroke drill - 50m 3 strokes per side, 50m 2 strokes per side, 50m 1 stroke/reg swim(3x thru)

200m for time

100 nice and ez

Total = 2450m **If you want to stretch it out and make it 3000m add 2 more 300s to the set

I will post info regarding Thursday's session at Gunpowder tomorrow night.




alexis said...

Was it me, or was the seconds-hand on the clock a little slow/jumpy today?

djagusch said...

Oh - the clock is shot! We actually used another one that belongs to the Masters Team this AM.......guess that is the perk of coming @ 6am!!!

alexis said...

Touche, Jagush.