Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday 4.14.08 swim sesh

I jinxed it..........I said it would be cold again in no time and this morning that rung true. Thanks to Matt, Ayesha and Becky for making the cold-roll out of bed worthwhile. I am still curious as to where the likes of Alexis and Alan were..!!??
Here is the session for those who prefer the evening for working out:
400 ez swim
400 pull ez
4 x 50 build pace - 15 sec btw

4 X 50 kick
200 steady
50 steady - breathe head up to navigate
**10 sec rest between 300s.

50 ez loosen

200 for time (hard)

100 real ez

Total = 2550M


alexis said...

UGH! I KNEWWWW you were going to call me out.

I was actually in Richmond last night and until about 5pm today.
I hate missing class... messes up my whole week:(

Looking forward to getting my swim in tomorrow morning!

- a

RM said...

Dean, just wanted to let you know you can link to our blog for the running squad if you'd like, let everyone know about our running workouts:

Ryan (or email me at

Alan said...

I love being under the bus!! I broke 2 fingers playing bssc football (someone want to remind me why I play sports that affect training) I am out for 2 weeks..

alexis said...


The football... first it was the shoulder, and now the fingers!? COME ON!!

get well!