Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Arrrgh techno-tard

Apologies! I thought my Monday session had posted that morning...........

On another note, we are fast approaching race season.....the main reason we have all endured cold, early mornings; dark, damp swimming pools; uncomfortable, sweaty bike sessions......I am open for any suggestions you may have for training and tweaking your performance.
The request for 1500m time trials was put out there Monday morning and we will look to do that the first week after the roof is removed from the pool........more on that as we get closer......
Also we will get some sessions in up at Gunpowder as we did last year.
Feel free to list any other thoughts you have here.
Any thoughts for team dinner/drinks events are always welcome as a nice way to wind up the Thursday night sessions also.

Here is the Monday workout:

Warm up:
200 swim
300 pull
6 x 50 as 25 drill/25 swim
200 swim

3 x 200 pull with paddles - DPS - long and strong!
10 sec rest btw

3 x 150 as: 50 DPS
50 fast
50 kick - no board
10 sec rest btw

400m steady effort: @ 1500m race pace

100 IM (butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle)
50 m real ez loosen

Total = 2600m


Matt said...

A suggestion for a race season workout: If we're going to be going up to gunpowder for a swim/bike session, would it be possible to some sort of bike-run bricks?

Something like: (And I'm just making these numbers up)
3 x 10 mi bike/ 2 mi run

djagusch said...

good call - we could figure on doing these up at Patterson Park possibly??