Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Thursday's deal.......

Lets plan on being at the pool tomorrow morning for a 6am swim session. I have had responses from a few people who are keen so lets make a go of it. If you cannot make the morning session i will throw the swim workout up here and also leave it on the board so you can use it in the evening. You are more than welcome to hit the bike room at 7pm if you like. Let me know if you want a trainer workout for that session.
Also, regarding the Columbia course/race we received this info from Ryan McGrath:

Columbia: The weekend before Columbia can be a total cluster for training purposes. Just about every local tri club/competitor heads down there for a course preview and a run. Mid-Maryland Tri Club, DC Tri Club, etc. Best idea is to get there EARLY. This helps avoid some of the car and people traffic.

I will be going down on Saturday May 10th to do the following: 2 trips of the bike course, first one pretty easy on my road bike, second one faster on my TT bike, then two loops around the lake running. I'm planning on starting at 7am, average speed for the first go around will be in the 18mph range, second will be 21+. You're welcome to join if you feel it would benefit you, or even if you just wanted to start with someone. There will be a few people in my posse.

~ Ryan McGrath


alexis said...

Moved some things around and will be at the morning swim tomorrow - just got back to baltimore a few minutes ago.


djagusch said...


who are the Flyers???

alexis said...

NHL - professional hockey team in Philadelphia.

They were dead last in the entire league last year, and now, they're in the 2nd round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. They're playing the Montreal Canadiens, who were, on paper, supposed to win in 5 games. The Flyers are up in the "best of 7-games" series, 3-1.

alexis said...

Dean - btw, there is a funny little "backstage" video with the Flyer's goalie, Marty Biron on that Flyers homepage screen (click through the images, should be #3). If you haven't watched much ice hockey, it's a goofy, fun little video.

I should also mention that if you don't know anything about Philadelphia sports, know that pretty much everyone else in every other league in every sport hates us. Obnoxious fans that know way too much about our sports. But this season, even my husband is rooting for us long shots in the post-season because his team was eliminated (Buffalo Sabres).