Friday, April 11, 2008

Taste of Spring

What a beautiful day yesterday was and what better way to fuel the motivation to get out there and log some quality training mileage. It was also the first little teaser for the removal of the pool roof at the end of the month................of course, as Murphy's law goes, i am sure it will be dreary and cold again as soon as the top comes off.........

Last night was another nice solid effort in the water and on the bikes. We should really be starting to bring that endurance into things in a big way now as we approach the start of the race season. If you have specific races in mind that you want to work towards please feel free to chat with me and we can look at getting some specific goals and sessions worked into your preparation.

So far as racing and group training is concerned I will put a little side bar of races to the right here and also update the training schedule to include other local organized group training sessions. Look for this in the next few days.

In the interim, this is the local running group that operates in our neck of the woods: Their weekly schedules are listed on the right hand side. Feel free to join them for any of their weekly sessions. For more info contact Ryan McGrath:

The TT I am doing in PA next weekend can be found here: Get registered by tomorrow and avoid the $5 late fee.

For those who (wisely!) opted to make the most of the weather and train outside, here is the swim workout from last night:

400 ez swim
300 pull ez
200 as 25drill/25 swim

3 X 400 steady effort
100 pull - DPS
10 sec rest btw

50 fast
50 ez
50 fast
50 ez
10 sec rest btw

100 IM
100 ez swim

Total: 2800M

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