Monday, April 28, 2008

Rainy Monday morning.....

I guess that is what kept most of you away this morning??
Good to see Joshi and Becky though - made it worthwhile being there for me!

Here is the workout from this AM if you want to get it in later:
200 pull ez
600 swim ez - breathe 3-5-7 per 50m

10 x 100 as 25 kick(no board)/75 build pace - 10 sec btw
200 pull - DPS
10 x 50 as 25 drill/25 swim Drills as follows: 1. Catch up
2. Fist
3. Drag fingers (high elbows)
4. Catch up with 3-beat kick pause
5. Catch up w/3-beat kick pause/drag fingers
400m for time

200 nice and ez

Total = 3100m **Note - this is slightly amended from this morning's actual session - this is longer. So if you plan on turning up at the pool and using the board you might want to add the additional pieces in.

Thanks to Ayesha for stepping in and rallying the troops while I was down at TdG on Thursday. It sounded like you guys got in a good workout.

I have a work function to attend this Thursday evening so I want to get an idea of who would be interested in getting the swim done in the AM. Please respond to this post and I will see what kind of a commitment we have before I make the call to have practice in the AM......

Awesome to see that Alexis has thrown out the challenge to get focused on training.
I will post a very generic sort of training program here in the next couple of days. I think it would be really good to get some sort of feed back from you guys on the races you have planned.

I know we have a few people scheduled to race Columbia on May 18. That is only 3 weeks away. As we did last year, lets try to get in a session or two out at Gunpowder. This will enable you to get familiar with swimming in the open water and practice transitions. I am thinking we can set it up for a complete swim-bike-run session. The first session will be 5/8/08 - next Thursday. I will post more info on here for you as we get closer to the day.

Please post your thoughts.......



Matt said...


I'd be willing to attend the AM thursday swim if you have it.

Also, I'm definitely ready for some open-water sessions - my first race (ever) is 6/7 (Mooseman).

I also heard someone say they are having run-through of the entire columbia course one of the weekends prior to the race...does anyone know when that is/how you can get in on it?

djagusch said...

They have done that in the past.....maybe someone who is racing can let us all know whether this is happening??? Ayesha??

alexis said...

I can do Thursday morning if I'm back from NJ by then. Don't count on me though.
Unfortunately, I'm going to be in and out of class for the rest of the spring and mostly out during the summer. I hope to follow along with our workouts from there though. And I'll absolutely keep in touch as if I'm still in canton!

As for this summer, I'm doing my first real race also! Doing the Philly Women's Tri in July (13th), the Iron Girl in Columbia in August (24th), and Annapolis Olympic in September.
Also might do the Philly triathlon relay in June.

Alan said...

I can't do Thursday am since I will be in NY, but I was planning on coming back for Thursday night. My fingers are finally healed enough to swim.

I am doing Columbia so I would love to start some sessions out at Gunpowder.

RM said...

Columbia: The weekend before Columbia can be a total cluster for training purposes. Just about every local tri club/competitor heads down there for a course preview and a run. Mid-Maryland Tri Club, DC Tri Club, etc. Best idea is to get there EARLY. This helps avoid some of the car and people traffic.

I will be going down on Saturday May 10th to do the following: 2 trips of the bike course, first one pretty easy on my road bike, second one faster on my TT bike, then two loops around the lake running. I'm planning on starting at 7am, average speed for the first go around will be in the 18mph range, second will be 21+. You're welcome to join if you feel it would benefit you, or even if you just wanted to start with someone. There will be a few people in my posse.

~ Ryan McGrath