Friday, April 25, 2008

What's Going On...

... with everyone's training?

What is everyone spending their weekdays and weekends doing, training-wise?

Feel free to include your upcoming race info for the spring/summer:)

Dean (or anyone):
Any opinions on a good training regimen for where we are right now, based on what we're doing in class?

This might be really specific to peoples' personal goals for their races, but if you wrote a week's worth of training workouts, what would the week look like? Just trying to get a very general sense of how we could be spending the rest of the week with training. It doesn't have to be super-specific.
(Obviously, Monday: 1 hour swim, and Thursday: 1 hour swim/1 hour bike... and then filling in the other days.)


alexis said...
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alexis said...

This is an example of what I think of doing during the week (although I tend to mix it up a bit):
- Tri class Swim
(Have thought about joining the FedHill runner group on Monday nights.)
- Spin session
- Core training
- 5x300-yard sprints
- Plyometric work
(May try to do the Canton group run)
- Tri class Swim+Bike
- longish run (5-7 miles)
(Probably should try and do an outdoor bike on Sat. or Sun.)
- easy elliptical workout
(sometimes flip-flop Sat. and Sun.)

Matt said...

This is what I've been doing:

Monday -
AM: Tri-club Swim
PM: Federal Hill Runners (6-7 miles)

PM: ~40K Bike ride through Harford county. (try to do it at TT pace)

PM: Tempo Run 7-8 miles

PM: Tri Club Swim/Bike


AM: Alternate long Run/Bike
PM: Easy Swim - depending on how wiped I am from the morning's workout

Brick workout (3 x 10 min bike/2 mi Run)

I used to do long run on saturday and a long bike on sunday, but as they got longer I found it was just wearing me out, so I chose to alternate each week.

alexis said...

Way to go, Matt! That's hard core:) You'll do great at Columbia!!

RM said...

Some of you have gotten in touch with me regarding Fed Hill Runners, which is a great chance to meet some people and run a nice social run on Mondays. We meet at 6:30 pm at Fed Hill Fitness (39 E. Cross St in Fed Hill).

We also do track workouts on Tuesday evenings at Gilman High School. We meet at 6:30 to warm up, and then start the workout at 7. Gilman is up 83 North, take the exit for Northern Parkway East, go up the hill and cross over Roland Ave, on the right about 300m up is a small driveway, turn right. Park in the lot, the track is up the hill.

Other good workouts during the week are Wednesday bike ride up at Oregon Ridge (note: this is a serious ride, no waiting up, not a fun group ride) and then Thursdays at 5:30pm from Race Pace in Owings Mills. Both are pretty far, but good rides nonetheless.

~ Ryan McGrath